What Our Customers Say
Raw and Uncensored.

6-4-08 "My husband and I have loved Conan's since we were in college in the early 80's. To this day, it's still our favorite. It is the definition of pizza."
Irma, Pizza Lover and Conans Fan

5-16-08 "Thank you again for running this contest. It's nice to see that you appreciate your customers- and it's one of the many reasons we choose your business over others!"
Melissa C., April 2008 Free Savage Club winner

5-8-08 "You folks are still the best at making pizza in the Austin area! I've tried that other place, only because they were in closer proximity to where I live, but they are nowhere near as good as you are!! Love the food!"
Sheila A., Free Savage Club member

4-27-08 "I used to drive from Canyon Lake to the Stassney location for my favorite - a large deep dish whole wheat "P-M-S" pizza - (Pepperoni, Mushroom, Sausage). Needless to say since I moved I REALLY miss you guys!!! :)"
Nikki S., Free Savage Club member

4-4-08 "I'm your NUMBER 1 Fan!!! I delivered Domino's in college in 1978 and always ordered Conans whenever possible. And I tell everyone that yours is best whenever the topic comes up!!"
Botielus N., Pizza Lover and Conans Fan

3-2-08 "I love Conans Pizza, my favorite place to eat. Love the tavern style booths, the fantasy art, and the awesome pizza!! I like the deep dish savage and the thin veggie supreme. Keep up the good work and don’t ever change."
Chad M., Free Savage Club member


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